As the name "Soular Power Fabric Art" suggests, my motivation to create fiber art is deeply rooted within me. Through my art I experience joy and great satisfaction. I find inspiration everywhere around me, in particular in nature and in the interaction with other people. The immersion in life translates into art quilts and fabric compositions.
  I invite you to browse my website and to enjoy yourself!  
  - Christine
What's New?


Currently, I'm working with webdesigner Holly Knott on a brand-new website. The url of the new site will be the same as this current website but the visual presentation will get a "facelift". Plus, Holly will incorporate modern technological features that I just can't do myself.
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March 17 -
May 12, 2017
Peace of Mind - Art Quilts
by Christine Hager-Braun
Allenton Gallery at the Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC
September 27 -
October 21, 2017
Contentation and Compassion
Gallery of the Hillsborough Arts Council, Hillsborough, NC

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